From Muslim to Christian

Matthew Hoy
By Matthew Hoy on January 12, 2003

There's an interesting first person article in The Times (U.K.) that is definitely worth a read. The piece is written by Ahmer Khokhar, a son of a Pakistani immigrant to Great Britain.

While the piece is a good read, and I feel for what this man has had to go through, when it comes to a solution to stopping the violence in the Middle East, his feelings cloud his reason.

My Muslim friends accept me, but if I was living in an Islamic country I would be killed for converting to Christianity.

My prayer is for the world to realise that the only way to solve conflicts is by talking to people and understanding their beliefs instead of resorting to war and violence.

With a war in Iraq imminent, Khokhar's comment would appear to be directed to the United States and Great Britain. However, we are the tolerant ones, as evidenced that Khokhar is alive today, despite his conversion. The West is willing to live and let live. It is the radical Islamists, among them Khokhar's father, who would prefer to kill "infidels."

Don't forget, we didn't start this...

Iraq invading Kuwait in 1991...

Iraq sponsoring suicide bombings in Israel...

Iran funding terrorism...

Pakistan providing a home base and support to al Qaeda...

Saudi Arabia raising their children to hate...

Saudi Arabia funding "charities" that pay terrorists who kill Israelis...

Islam fomenting hatred of Christians, Jews, Hindus, Baha'is, Animists, etc., ad infinitum ...

"Moderate" Muslims refusing to denounce and restrain their more bloodthirsty brethren...

We're just going to have to finish it.


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January 2003



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