January 7, 2003
Point for Ponnuru

In a post on National Review Online's group blog, "The Corner," Ramesh Ponnuru has a little advice for the Democratic party on a talking point they may want to discard. Rep. Robert Menendez, New Jersey Democrat, is attacking the president�s plan thus: �We stimulate the job market. The president�s plan stimulates the stock market.� Is […]

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January 7, 2003
Race and politics

In the wake of the "Trent Lott Stupidity," there was a landslide of denunciations from both conservative and liberal columnists -- as there should have been. There's a discussion that needs to take place in America regarding race. In the nearly 40 years since the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, America has come […]

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January 7, 2003
Another award for Krugman

Lying in ponds, a Web site that tracks partisanship of prominent columnists and some of the nation's most influential editorial pages. The 2002 award for most partisan columnist went to none other than New York Times columnist Paul Krugman. In a year in which Mr. Krugman generated lots of buzz and won an award, his […]

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"The decision will give a blueprint for the government to pry open safe deposit boxes, storage lockers, and other private spaces—and to take the contents with civil forfeiture."

This is why no one trusts you or your network, Andrew. It took 5 paragraphs to get to the part where it explains that this "interview" was by a random guy accosting Kent on the street and asking him questions. It's almost as if you want an even smaller audience than you have now. https://twitter.com/KFILE/status/1575930899635511296

andrew kaczynski @KFILE

GOP congressional candidate Joe Kent's ties to white nationalists include interview with Nazi sympathizer https://www.cnn.com/2022/09/30/politics/kfile-joe-kent-ties-to-white-nationalists-nazi-sympathizer/index.html

It's become a losing battle, but I'm glad @jessesingal stands with the dwindling camp of journalists who don't believe every sentence they publish must be laced with propaganda. If only there were some journalism professors still in that camp.

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