January 12, 2003
From Muslim to Christian

There's an interesting first person article in The Times (U.K.) that is definitely worth a read. The piece is written by Ahmer Khokhar, a son of a Pakistani immigrant to Great Britain. While the piece is a good read, and I feel for what this man has had to go through, when it comes to […]

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January 12, 2003
Book report

I've finished reading the latest entry in Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series, "Crossroads of Twilight." Sorry to say it, but I'm disappointed. I began reading Jordan's series back in college -- 1991 if I recall correctly -- and the guy can tell a story. I've also been impressed over the years at the depth […]

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Transcript of the Hulu 1619 Project segment on Dunmore's Proclamation.

Again, none of this is true. Dunmore issued his order from exile on a ship off of Norfolk. He fled Williamsburg 5 months earlier (with his own slaves in tow) because the revolution was already underway.

I had a ruptured ectopic pregnancy in the state of Tennessee one month ago. At no time was I refused care and at no time was anyone restricted from saving my life, even though my baby did die. This is misinformation that could prevent women from seeking help. https://twitter.com/whitehouse/status/1617254668488278017

The White House @WhiteHouse

In states where abortion is restricted, doctors live in fear of being thrown in jail for simply doing their job.

Dr. Zahedi-Spung shares her story as we call on Congress to protect reproductive freedom for the people of America.

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January 2003



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