Election day 2010

Matthew Hoy
By Matthew Hoy on November 2, 2010


As expected, Republicans will take control of the House and likely by 60+ seats. Surprisingly, it looks like the GOP will underperform in the Senate races. Many believed if the GOP were in the 60+ area, that gaining control of the Senate was within reach. Instead it appears that the Republicans will fall 3-4 seats short – losing West Virginia and California and Colorado, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Washington potentially too close to call.

Why the disappointing result in Senate races? The pundits will certainly offer up explanations in the coming days, but I have none to offer today. Republicans have won a majority in the Pennsylvania House delegation, the governor’s mansion and yet as I write this (8:25 p.m. PDT) the Toomey/Sestak race is still too close to call. A similar story is playing out in the Ohio governor’s race. Republicans have picked up several House seats there along with Rob Portman winning the Senate seat, yet the Kasich/Strickland race for governor is still too close to call. How does one explain that? A little schizophrenia on part of the electorate?

As for California, it appears the last non-union free-market type will have to turn out the lights. For an idea of how well this state is run, look no further than the California Secretary of State’s election Web site. It simply displays: “Service Unavailable. Please try again later.”


Pat Toomey has been declared the winner in the Pennsylvania Senate race.


Oh, for the record. I told you so.

2 comments on “Election day 2010”

  1. So a RINO doesn't have to be defended in six years when once again a real conservative will have a chance to run. No Spector, no Jeffords, no Snowe, conservative voters won't have to lie to themselves while voting, and conservative representatives won't have watch the sellouts set the media narrative. Heck, at some point, we might end up with a majority that doesn't completely demoralize the base into staying home in the next election.

    1. The problem is that in a state like Delaware the only Republican they're ever going to elect is a RINO. I don't like the Maine mushes, but Maine isn't going to elect a Rand Paul or a Jim DeMint -- ever. If they'll caucus with the GOP and not turn traitor like Spector or Jeffords, I'm OK with that. The problem is the mushes in states like Utah (the defeated in the primary Bennett) and South Carolina (they can do much better than Lindsey Graham).


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