November 28, 2010
Not in my lifetime

Max Boot comments on the latest Wikileaks document dump over at Commentary Magazine’s “Contentions” blog and questions the American media’s patriotism – specifically The New York Times – when it comes to aiding and abetting serious damage to U.S. national security. There was a time when editors and reporters thought of themselves as citizens first […]

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November 28, 2010
Power corrupts

Holding those in power accountable is no longer the exclusive domain of the media, whistleblowers or inspectors general. Via The Atlantic magazine’s saner blogger, comes this surveillance video of a woman apparently getting some passive-aggressive harassment at the hands of some TSA officials in Phoenix. If the video is what it purports to be, there […]

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November 28, 2010
I’d classify this as a programming error

While updating the site, I ended up testing the link to Hoystory’s Kindle page and discovered that Fred Coulter had uploaded some screenshots he took 9 months ago from his kindle. That’s right. Hoystory at #3. Followed by The New York Times at #7.

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November 28, 2010
Changes coming

I’ve been using the current Redoable theme for several years – starting shortly after I moved this site from the Blogger platform to WordPress. In that time, the developer of the theme has moved on to other things, and the underlying coding can’t take advantage of many newer plug-ins and features. For example, I’m using […]

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This is why no one trusts you or your network, Andrew. It took 5 paragraphs to get to the part where it explains that this "interview" was by a random guy accosting Kent on the street and asking him questions. It's almost as if you want an even smaller audience than you have now.

andrew kaczynski @KFILE

GOP congressional candidate Joe Kent's ties to white nationalists include interview with Nazi sympathizer

It's become a losing battle, but I'm glad @jessesingal stands with the dwindling camp of journalists who don't believe every sentence they publish must be laced with propaganda. If only there were some journalism professors still in that camp.

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