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Matthew Hoy
By Matthew Hoy on August 13, 2009

It’s highly unlikely that I’ll find myself in the audience for one of President Obama’s town hall meetings, and even less likely that I would be called on to ask a question. But, if I did have that opportunity, this is what I would ask.

Mr. President, I would like to assure you that your personal approval ratings in the polls will not fall below 60 percent between now and 2012. Of course, you and I both know that I don’t have the power to fulfill that promise.

For the past several months, you’ve appeared at other town halls and on nationally televised press conferences repeatedly assuring the public that if we like the insurance coverage we have, we’ll be able to keep it. As many independent fact-checkers have noted, that’s not a promise you can keep. Nothing in any of the legislation before congress would prohibit an employer from selecting the so-called public option, or even a different private option. Depending on the source, the inclusion of a public option in the plan would cause somewhere 11 and 103 million to have their insurance coverage changed whether they like it or not – and in direct contradiction to your oft-stated promise.

Mr. President, would you kindly stop making promises that you know you do not have the power to keep?

If any of you end up going to a town hall, you have my permission to use this “astroturfed” question.

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  1. Maybe you'd get his fantastic US Mail vs FedEx answer. Yep, all private insurance has to do is compete against a government agency propped up by tax dollars and operating at a loss. Competition we can believe in.

  2. I know that i can't change anything but i would really like to ask president Obama this 1 Question. I would like to know more about the medical plain he is trying to get passed.
    I want to know why he would say or even apply that someone life isn't worth saveing!
    Just because a person is not in great health doesn't mean that they are not worthy to keep on liveing! Now I know that i might not understand the whole thing but i just think that every person on this earth has a right to live and have health care.
    I think that every person is equil in life.
    I also know that some people have more money than others, and i am one of them iam disable and i just think that iam as good as someone that makes alot more money than me! I just feel that everyone in the world should be treated
    with respect rather they have 1 million dollars or if they only have .50 cent to their name!
    Life is hard for everyone and you know that God loves us all, and he doesn't treet the person with a million dollars any different then the person that has nothing ! I don't know but i just think that everyone that is disable should get the same amount of medical care as the person that has that great job, and i just believe that the older people in this world has alot to say and we could learn alot from thoes people that i feel like you donn't think their life is worth liveing! i just think everyone in the world has a right to the best of medical care!

  3. My mom had cancer in 2001,and iam glad that she was able to get the surgery that she needed.
    My Mom is disable also and i think she has a right to have any surgery that will help her!
    I love my Mom like so many other peoplelove their Mother's and Father's!
    I want my family to live a long life and i don't want anyone to think her life isn't worth saveing because her life means alot to me and i think she has every right to live and get the medical treatment she deserves to live! I just feel that people that have got alot of medical problems has a right to live and have the same medical treatment that the rich get's !
    I also have had 2 back surgies and I'am thankful for having my medicade to help with my doctor bill's and the hospital bill. Without it i don't know what i would have done! I would be able to walk around as good as i can now if it wasn't for the medical help that i had.
    I thank God everyday for the help that i had and for the help that my Mother has had also!
    I just think that God put doctors here to help people not to say that their life isn't worth saveing! Life is great even if you are sick we all need the best medical care that we can get!
    President Obama I think you are doing a good job. I just don't agree with this new medical plain you are trying to get passed! We all deserve good medical care!

  4. [...] at Politifraud are at it again. This time they’re going after a Crossroads GPS ad that makes a point that I’ve been making for years; President Obama’s promise that “If you like your health care [...]


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