Elections have consequences

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You often have to point out to Democrats that elections have consequences. There’s a Republican president and a GOP-controlled Senate, therefore you’re going to get conservative judges — that’s all there is to it.

The Palestinians who voted the terrorist group Hamas into power also need to realize this basic fact, and they shouldn’t be surprised if Israel refuses to send them money — even if it does get former President Jimmy “go back to building homes and shut your trap” Carter whining on their behalf.

Go ahead and read Jimmy’s latest display of his ignorance of how the world works, if you can stomach it.

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  1. Pat says:

    And fraudulent elections have fraudulent consequences too.

    And that is why some of the Republican thugs are now finally paying the price. But the damage is done and that is why we have a traitor coward chicken-hawk ignorant and stupid draft-dodger cocaine-sniffer in the highest office of the land supported by his inept and criminally negligent cronies running every top department in the land, with disastrous consequences.

    Yes, fraudulent elections have consequences.

    I just hope enough Americans come to their senses and try the traitors for the war crimes which they have all committed so that this nation can return to being a nation we can be proud of.

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