Why Obamacare is doomed

Matthew Hoy
By Matthew Hoy on January 31, 2014

I posted a link to this article by Chris Conover at Forbes' Apothecary blog at my "night job" website the other day. If this graphic turns out to be true, then expect Obamacare to go down in flames, taking a lot of Democrats with it.


These numbers, if accurate, are devastating. The "losers" category is 55.3 percent of Americans. The "winners" is just over 11 percent. For that 1/3 who experience no real consequences from Obamacare, you can bet the majority of them will turn against it as well—they'll know more losers than they will winners.

When all is said and done, were Obamacare fully in place right now, 166 million of today’s population could reasonably count themselves as losers in various ways, while only 34.6 million would be lucky enough to count as winners. That’s a ratio of 4.8 losers for every winner–not a particularly good outcome for any policy initiative, much less a “signature” legislative initiative.

Even if we focus on big winners (11.4 million) vs. big losers (40.3 million) this imbalance does not change appreciably: there are 3.6 big losers for every big winner. Similarly, if we ignore “minimal” winners and losers, there’s still 2.7 remaining losers for each remaining winner. No matter how we slice and dice the results, the conclusion challenges the conventional wisdom of the law’s proponents. Losers actually vastly outnumber winners regardless of which definition is used.

If this was how Obamacare was originally sold, you can guarantee that it would never have passed Congress in the first place. If this had come out in 2012, you can bet that President Obama would've never been reelected.



SENATOR CASSIDY: "Why doesn't the president care?"

YELLEN: "He cares very deeply."

CASSIDY: "Then where is his plan?"

YELLEN: "He stands ready to work with Congress."

CASSIDY: "That's a lie! A bipartisan group of senators have repeatedly requested to meet with him!"

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