Identifying the problem

Matthew Hoy
By Matthew Hoy on July 18, 2011

Via Commentary magazine's "Contentions" blog comes this poll on Palestinians' attitudes towards the ultimate end of the so-called "peace process."

  • Only 34 percent of Palestinians support a two-state solution with an Israeli state that is predominately Jewish next to a Palestinian state.
  • 92 percent of Palestinians said Jerusalem should be their capital alone. 1 percent said it should be Israel's capital alone. 3 percent said capital of both states and 4 percent a neutral international city.
  • 62 percent approved of kidnapping soldiers and holding them hostage.
  • 53 percent favored an anti-Israeli educational hate system.
  • 73 percent agreed with the Hamas charter statement (and hadith) about the need to kill Jews hiding behind stones and trees.

And the problem is Jewish settlement building? Any efforts at arriving at a peaceful settlement in less than a generation are destined to fail. The Palestinian culture is one of death--the death of Jews and their own people. There's no negotiating with that.


SEN. LANKFORD: "Can you help me get a good definition of 'birthing people?'"

BECERRA: "We're trying to be precise in the language that's used."

SEN. LANKFORD: "Mom is a pretty good word. That's worked for a while."

Ummm...who elected her? Is there something wrong with the guy we did elect? What do we pay the FLOTUS? A "United States government official"?

Jill Biden@FLOTUS

Prepping for the G7.

One of the most frightening articles I've ever read.

So, @SLOTribune columnist and local Democratic party apparatchik Tom Fulks was on local radio last night and told listeners that the difference between the Democratic and Republican parties is that the Democratic Party wants to help people and the GOP wants to hurt people 1/

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