August 23, 2011
Devaluing his Nobel daily

Words cannot express my befuddlement that New York Times columnist Paul Krugman would write this: No word yet on whether Krugman has torched his own house. UPDATE! It appears that this wasn’t the real Paul Krugman, but an elaborate fake. So if you see me quoted as saying something really stupid or outrageous, and it […]

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August 22, 2011
Journalism 101

Last week, The New York Times went after Rep. Darrell Issa of Vista. The article appears to have been inspired by an “expose” by Lee Fang over at Think Progress. Needless to say, that’s probably not a source a wise reporter for a once-reputable news organization should be using. Read the article and ask yourself […]

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August 22, 2011
A few notes

First, never underestimate the lack of influence this blog has on the Republican Party. Second, Andy Levy’s apology to rapper Chris Brown. Best. Apology. Ever. Finally, Jon Huntsman, go away.

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August 20, 2011
Glass Houses, stones

Education Secretary Arne Duncan needs to learn that humility is a worthwhile trait to cultivate. When Texas Gov. Rick Perry entered the race for the GOP presidential nomination, Duncan thought that would be an opportune time to criticize the state of education in Texas. U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan said Texas’s school system “has really […]

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August 16, 2011
Paul Ryan for president

Weekly Standard reporter Stephen Hayes cause a bit of a brouhaha this morning with a report that Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, who is chairman of the House Budget Committee, is seriously contemplating a run for the White House. After Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels refused to run a couple months back, Ryan (and perhaps N.J. Gov. […]

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August 15, 2011
About that new tone

President Obama got called on the carpet by a tea party organizer for his failure to police his V.P.’s adherence to the “new tone” required of politicians in the wake of the tragic shooting of Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. In the end, Obama denied that Joe “The Mouth” Biden had called Republicans terrorists and dismissed […]

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August 15, 2011
Read this!

Click the link. Read the post. It’s short and worthwhile.

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August 15, 2011
What’s that you’re carrying?

If you’re CNN, then it would be “water” and it would be for President Obama. The media likes polls. Polls are easy. Polls are simple. They’re maximum impact for minimum effort. Every four years we get report after report on Candidate A’s polling in relation to Candidate B. Policy differences between the candidates? Background and […]

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August 11, 2011
Not hypocrisy, consistency

Yid with Lid has a post up taking presidential flack Jay Carney to task for hypocrisy for defending President Obama's August vacation when he attacked President George W. Bush for doing the same in 2001. Carney now acknowledges that you never really do get a vacation as president--the work follows you wherever you are. Yid […]

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August 10, 2011
That liberal media

I honestly don’t know if it’s gotten worse or if it’s always been this bad and my perception has changed over the past few years—or a combination of both. Last night I watched some of the coverage of the Wisconsin recall election on MSNBC—the only cable “news” network covering the story. MSNBC had Ed Schultz […]

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SEN. LANKFORD: "Can you help me get a good definition of 'birthing people?'"

BECERRA: "We're trying to be precise in the language that's used."

SEN. LANKFORD: "Mom is a pretty good word. That's worked for a while."

Ummm...who elected her? Is there something wrong with the guy we did elect? What do we pay the FLOTUS? A "United States government official"?

Jill Biden@FLOTUS

Prepping for the G7.

One of the most frightening articles I've ever read.

So, @SLOTribune columnist and local Democratic party apparatchik Tom Fulks was on local radio last night and told listeners that the difference between the Democratic and Republican parties is that the Democratic Party wants to help people and the GOP wants to hurt people 1/

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