A promise he can’t keep

Matthew Hoy
By Matthew Hoy on August 4, 2009

It took a few days, but the White House has finally gotten around to to responding to this collection of clips outlining President Obama’s long-held desire to move the country toward a Canadian-style single-payer system.

The response comes from former journalist Linda Douglass who joined the Obama campaign several months after she had done interviews with him as an unbiased reporter. The response leaves one to wonder what exactly Douglass’ standards for truth were in her previous endeavors when she highlights as evidence a promise everyone has already noted President Obama can’t keep: That if you like the health insurance you’ve got now, you’ll get to keep it – no you won’t.

And just for the record, I guess I’m one of the people she’s talking about. I’ve got a lot of free time – because I lost my job thank you very much. You want to quiet me down? Focus on the economy, not healthcare, and get me working again. Sheesh! It’s practically one of those “please stand up” Joe Biden comments to the guy in the wheelchair.

Oh, and apparently you’re supposed to report me now to the White House.


BREAKING: We just filed a motion asking the Ninth Circuit to lift the stay in our lawsuit challenging California's ban on so-called "assault weapons," which, if granted, would allow the judgment striking down the ban to go into effect. Read it here: https://www.firearmspolicy.org/miller

Stole the image from a reddit post, but it appears to be an accurate summary.

The losers in Sacramento are throwing a temper tantrum in response to the ruling in Bruen. Now that they have to issue carry permits, they want to make basically everywhere a "sensitive place".

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