Obama's double-standard

Matthew Hoy
By Matthew Hoy on March 19, 2008

Courtesy of "Best of the Web Today" comes this bit of history on how Sen. Barack Obama feels bigots should be treated.

This is an ABC News report from April 11, 2007:

In an interview with ABC News Wednesday afternoon, Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., called for the firing of talk radio host Don Imus. Obama said he would never again appear on Imus' show, which is broadcast on CBS Radio and MSNBC television. . . .

Last week, Imus referred to the Rutgers University women's basketball team, most of whom are African-American, as "nappy-headed hos." He has since apologized for his remarks, and CBS and MSNBC suspended his show for two weeks.

"He didn't just cross the line," Obama said. "He fed into some of the worst stereotypes that my two young daughters are having to deal with today in America. The notions that as young African-American women--who I hope will be athletes--that that somehow makes them less beautiful or less important. It was a degrading comment. It's one that I'm not interested in supporting."

We agree with the position Obama took vis-à-vis Imus back then. But how does one square this with his decision to send his daughters to a church whose pastor preaches an ugly and bigoted theology?

I concur. Obama was right about Don Imus. However, much of what we've heard from the Rev. Jeremiah Wright makes Imus's stupidity pale in comparison. In fact, I would argue that Wright's statement that: “No black man can ever be President. I don’t care how hard you run Jesse. No black woman will ever be considered for anything outside of what she can give with her body.” Would have a far worse impact on Obama's two young daughters.


Why, one must ask, was the suit against Biden's student debt wipe “inevitable”?

Was it because the Biden admin is in flagrant violation of the law, and because *everyone* in America knows it?

Not in Waldman’s view, apparently. | @charlescwcooke


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