March 1, 2008
CBS "news" at it again?

If you didn't watch CBS' "60 Minutes" Sunday night, then you might have missed the bombshell report by Scott Pelley making the case that Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham was framed and Clinton hatchet man Sidney Blumenthal was involved in the frame up. Of course, that's all wrong. CBS of "Rathergate" fame doesn't air thinly sourced […]

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March 1, 2008
NAFTA nonsense

Sen. Barack Obama has a problem. Like his Democratic rival, Sen. Hillary Clinton, Obama has promised to pull out of the North American Free Trade Agreement after six months if it isn't renegotiated to his liking should he be elected president. The problem is that Obama has had his senior economic adviser, Austin Goolsbee, telling […]

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March 1, 2008
Bang your head

Someone, please tell Speaker Nancy Pelosi to stop smashing her forehead against the wall separating the legislative branch from the executive. Pelosi said the two were unresponsive to Congress' inquiry, while the White House argues that contempt laws don't apply to the president or any of his staffers who invoke executive privilege. Mukasey, a Bush […]

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@PolitiFact Your tweet is misleading, PolitiFact, given that you based your "False" rating on the supposedly absolute nature of the claim.

Your tweet suggests birth control is definitely at risk regardless of whether the claim was expressed in absolute terms.


Honestly, Politifact has become such a ridiculous joke. The conclusion admits that "no state has banned forms of contraception," but rates the statement false anyways because there has been some discussion about whether the morning-after pill could be considered an abortifacient.

PolitiFact @PolitiFact

A GOP talking point suggests birth control is not at risk. Efforts in states like Missouri to ban certain types of birth control suggests otherwise.

"Nobody is above the law," unless you get held in contempt of Congress for lying about running guns to Mexico and your role in targeting conservatives with audits. You'll get off scot free but you'll get charged for it if you worked for Donald Trump

The most interesting thing in this article was the pass rates for his students on the AP Gov exam. They were abysmal. In 2019, 79 students took it. One passed. ONE!

He wasn't teaching civics with a left-wing slant. He was doing frosh dorm bullshitting.

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March 2008



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