Super Tuesday II

Matthew Hoy
By Matthew Hoy on March 5, 2008

Most of the results are in for what the media had dubbed "Super Tuesday II" -- and there are few surprises.

Sen. John McCain has clinched the GOP nomination. I'll hold my nose and vote for him.

Mike Huckabee was hoping for a little bump to put his delegate total above that of Mitt Romney, so that in 2012 or 2016, he would be seen as the guy in second place whose turn was next. That didn't happen, and I don't think it would work anyway.

Sen. Hillary Clinton resurrected herself. She won every state three out of the four state primaries (as of right now she's trailing slightly in the Texas Caucus). Unfortunately, the proportional awarding of delegates in the Democratic contests is going to hurt her. However, this puts into serious play the chance that the Democratic Convention will be a bloodbath with neither Clinton nor Obama having enough regular delegates to clinch the nomination and instead the party insiders picking the nominee.

Obama may turn out to be human after all. The media appears to have started asking some serious questions about the junior senator from Illinois and the cesspool of Chicago politics that spawned him. Whether he wins the Democratic nod or not, voters will have a more thorough knowledge of their candidates -- and that's a good thing for Democracy.

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  1. If Hillary Clinton wins the Democratic nomination, I for one, a long time Democrat will not vote the Clinton/Obama ticket or anything else she dreams up. There are a lot of people in this country who really dislike the Clintons. I was really excited about the fresh candidate - Obama who was bringing new ideas and an new approach to Washington. I will vote Republican if Clinton is at the top of the ticket and I wonder how many other independents, republicans, and even long-time democrats like myself that Obama has reenergized will defect if he's not the nominee?

  2. I don't think Hillary won every primary, just three out of four: OH, TX, RI, but not VT -- not that Vermont (or Rhode Island) got much attention last night.


Why, one must ask, was the suit against Biden's student debt wipe “inevitable”?

Was it because the Biden admin is in flagrant violation of the law, and because *everyone* in America knows it?

Not in Waldman’s view, apparently. | @charlescwcooke

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