Sincerity matters

Matthew Hoy
By Matthew Hoy on November 8, 2007

Also over at The Washington Post, National Review's Ramesh Ponnuru has a post curiously entitled "Kucinich Is Right."

Dennis Kucinich called his party's bluff. If Democrats believe half of the things they say about the Bush administration, then they ought to impeach both Bush and Cheney.

I don't believe that Bush and Cheney "lied us into war." If the Democrats who say they did really believe it, though, then they ought to do something about it. Surely taking the country into war on pretenses they knew were false counts as a high crime and misdemeanor.

If they don't believe it, on the other hand, they are spreading some poisonous lies for partisan advantage. Good for Kucinich for having the courage of his sincere, though loopy, convictions.

This reminds me of a comment that I read or heard recently regarding the obvious falsity of all those worldwide polls that rank the United States No. 1 as "the greatest threat to world peace." If that really were true, especially in the rather wealthy European countries where this opinion is en vogue, then you'd see their governments reacting by beefing up their militaries in order to counter the U.S.

That hasn't happened either.

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  1. Damn straight. Being the United States is like dealing with a world full of teenagers who love to be surly until you threaten to take away the car keys.

  2. They haven't even asked us to close down our bases and leave. Insulting the US is a cheap and easy way to posture. It is not like there is any sort of penalty for doing so. I give it the non-attention it deserves.


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