November 9, 2007
Home of the Brave

The San Diego Union-Tribune is running a series of articles on various members of the military in honor of Veterans Day. I encourage you to check out this article, with video, of Marine Gunnery Sgt. Nick Popaditch (retired). Popaditch achieved a measure of fame when he was photographed smoking a cigar as a statue of […]

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November 9, 2007
This is interesting...

...but plainly bogus. To verify the accuracy of this, I punched in some other blog addresses. When the Volokh Conspiracy -- a heavy-duty law-blog -- is assessed as a "Junior High School" reading level, something is up.

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November 9, 2007
Mukasey confirmed

The Senate last night confirmed former judge Michael Mukasey to replace Alberto Gonzales as attorney general. A divided Senate narrowly confirmed former federal judge Michael B. Mukasey last night as the 81st attorney general, giving the nominee the lowest level of congressional support of any Justice Department leader in the past half-century. The 53 to […]

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November 9, 2007
Earmark outrage

This story is a week old, but I'm trying to clean up some of the browser windows that I've got open. Concurrent Technologies began two decades ago doing metalworking research in Pennsylvania's struggling rust belt. In the years since, the Johnstown, Pa., company has become a federal contracting chameleon. It is an intelligence adviser, an […]

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November 9, 2007
President Bush's resignation speech

Curiously, I hadn't gotten this e-mail that's been making the rounds. Commonsense & Wonder did, and I reprint it here: We all have our disagreements with President Bush. Immigration, U.S. Attorney firings, Iraq , Darfur , etc., are all hot topics these days. The following “speech” was written recently by an ordinary Maineiac [a resident […]

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It is now an inevitability that whatever the story, however complex its details, members of the American press will react by announcing who must be forbidden to speak going forward.

Rep.-elect John James (MI) and Rep.-elect Wesley Hunt (TX) are close friends and are first two Black graduates of West Point to enter Congress. They are even from the same class! Both Republicans. No surprise there have been almost zero national media profiles of either or both.

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