The media landscape during the Biden administration

Matthew Hoy
By Matthew Hoy on January 25, 2021

I'm scheduled to go on the Dave Congalton Hometown Radio show on 920 KVEC shortly to talk about the media in a Biden administration (some of which I discussed in the post below) and what conservative news sources I reference.

First, the conservative news sources I reference on a regular basis.

Some specifics on the media landscape

There are some media stories that we may touch on or discuss on the air.

First, the Washington Post attempted to memory-hole an unflattering anecdote about Vice President Kamala Harris, but backtracked after it was exposed.

There's this pitiful Newsweek fact check from last week that I critiqued. For the record, they have not contacted me regarding my request for a retraction.

One-time conservative Max Boot is calling for the Fairness Doctrine to be revived and applied to cable news companies, specifically, Fox News.

Former New York Times public editor, now the media columnist at The Washington Post, Margaret Sullivan says "Fox News is a hazard to our democracy."

Salon does a hit job on Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR.). Newsweek goes back and stealth-edits its own reporting to align with the "new truth."

And maybe some cancel culture

The Niskanen Center's Will Wilkinson gets sacked for a bad joke, months after his boss made a worse one.

The New York Times sacked freelance editor Lauren Wolfe. Was it because of an innocuous tweet?

The audio from our talk is below:


The pattern among critics of the DeVos regs that powerful political leaders (Biden, Cuomo, now Stringer) deserve the due process that these same figures seek to deny to random college students remains something to behold.

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