Election aftermath 2018

Matthew Hoy
By Matthew Hoy on November 8, 2018

The 2018 election aftermath is a flat, dry wasteland with the sun-bleached skulls of of the defeated dotting the desolate landscape.

At least, that's how it seems to be portrayed on Twitter.

Predictions: Correct!

My predictions from election day—which were really nothing more than the conventional wisdom—turned out to be correct. With a handful of races still to be decided, the blue wave turned out to be little more than a moderately high tide. The Democrats took the House, as is the norm for the party which does not hold the White House in midterm election years.  The GOP likely gained seats in the Senate (Arizona and Florida are still too close to call, but the Republicans lead in both) largely because the Democrats had so many more seats to defend, and several of them were in otherwise red states that Trump won in 2016.

We'll see what happens in the coming months, but I think it will probably be a lot of subpoenas, investigations and a lot of heat generated, but not much light.

Election Aftermath 2018: Racism edition

The blue wave didn't materialize, and we all know who's to blame: White people.

Yep, if you're a white woman and you don't vote for Democrats, you're racist.

Vermont Sen. Bernie "Three Homes" Sanders went on record claiming that losses by Democrats Andrew Gillum in Florida and Stacey Abrams in Georgia was a result of racism. It couldn't be because the former has some corruption issues hanging over his head and is basically a socialist and the latter wants to confiscate guns. No, it's because they're black.

He neglected to include Michigan voters who re-elected white woman Debbie Stabenow to the Senate over John James, the GOP candidate pictured above.

I've no doubt that there is an increasingly small number of people on the political right and left, who will not vote for someone based solely upon their skin color. The vast majority of Americans would, however, happily elect someone of any color who shares their political positions. It's as simple as that.

Oh, and here's a picture of some on the left who vote for a candidate based on their race:

Election Aftermath
New Black Panther Party members advocate for Stacey Abrams for Georgia governor, who would like to confiscate the guns they're holding.

Election Aftermath 2018: Civility Edition

Last night an Antifa-aligned group went to Fox News host Tucker Carlson's home, damaged the front door, suggested leaving a pipe bomb and otherwise terrorized Carlson's wife. (Tucker was not at home.)

This was the same group that a few weeks ago hounded Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and his wife out of a D.C.-area restaurant, following suggestions from Democrats like Rep. Maxine Waters.

This prompted much outrage, except for some of the usual suspects on the left who are sociopaths and who should be shunned from media appearances and polite society (but allowed to visit restaurants in peace).


Needless to say, that eventually these nuts will try to do this to someone who doesn't respond by barricading themselves in the pantry and calls 911. A busted front door may result in an even louder noise, like a shotgun blast.

But that'll be the NRA's fault, not that of the fringe left who tell their feeble-minded minions to terrorize their political foes.

Election Aftermath 2018: Jeff Sessions is out

Just hours after an election in which he wasn't on the ballot, President Donald Trump made himself news again by announcing the resignation, at Trump's request, of Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

I'm no fan of Sessions, mainly because he's been a staunch proponent of civil forfeiture and shares former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's disdain for those who suffer from serious pain that only opiods can alleviate.

I'm curious what this bodes for the Mueller investigation, which has seemed to me to be little more than a joke that hasn't produced any evidence of "Russian collusion."

However, what's most amusing about this is the almost uniform Democratic Party flip-flops on Sessions' job performance.

Election Aftermath

Election Aftermath

There's any number of clichés that come to mind.

"Be careful what you wish for…"

"Heads I win, Tails you lose."

*UPDATE* Shortly after this was initially posted, apparently someone doxxed Matt Yglesias which prompted him to delete his entire Twitter history; proving that he's not even an Internet Tough Guy, let alone a real-life tough guy.

For posterity, here's a screenshot of the post in question:

Election Aftermath 2018


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