Election Day 2018

Matthew Hoy
By Matthew Hoy on November 6, 2018

Today is Election Day 2018, unless you're a Democrat, in which case it's tomorrow.

The nice thing about running your own site, is that that old, lame joke doesn't get you banned.

What's going to happen?

Answer: I don't know.

The consensus seems to be that the Democrats will take the House; by 20+ seats if the "blue wave" materializes, or maybe just a seat or two if President Donald Trump and the despicable treatment of Justice Brett Kavanaugh managed to energize the GOP base.

It also seems likely that the GOP will hold onto the Senate, and possibly even gain a seat or two. This result would be less a function of an energized Democratic base than the simple fact that Democrats have quite a few seats to defend in states that went for Trump.

Is it all worth the trade-off for conservatives?

I'm not a really a supporter of Donald Trump. I'll praise him when he does right, and I'll criticize him when he does wrong.

I'm not going to abandon my principles simply because Trump lies a lot and is an ass on Twitter.

As much as I believe Trump's trade wars to be foolhardy and destructive, at this point I'm willing to suffer through four or eight years of bad trade policy and stupid Twitter for Justices Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and hopefully a conservative replacement for Breyer and/or Ginsburg. Not to mention the dozens of district and circuit court judges that Cocaine Mitch has been ramming through the Senate.

The next Congress

So, if the median predictions are right, the Democrats will take the House and we'll have two years of subpoenas and investigations into President Trump and jack squat legislation passed. The government will probably be funded (as it was throughout the Obama administration) on a series of continuing resolutions.

The GOP Senate will ignore Nancy Pelosi's wishlist and will continue confirming conservative judges.

Donald Trump will run in 2020 against the do-nothing House (For the Record: I'm generally for "do-nothing" in state and federal governments) and depending on how far left the Democrats' candidate is, Trump may just win a second term.

The media continues to be horrible

Despite President Trump's familiar refrain, the news media isn't the "enemy of the people."

A bunch of partisan, left-wing hacks? Yes.

Enemy of the the people. No.

Case in point is (now) former Huron Daily Tribune reporter Brenda Battel.

Michigan Republican Senate Nominee John James received an interesting voicemail on Monday from a reporter for the Huron Daily Tribune who thought she hung up the phone after leaving his campaign a message.

Brenda Battel called James' campaign at the start of the week and left a voicemail requesting a post-election interview and then thought she hung up the phone before saying what she thought of James, according to audio obtained by The Daily Caller.

After Battel thought she hung up the phone, she said: "Man, if he beats her… Jesus! F**king John James. That would suck! Whew, I don’t think it’s going to happen though."

Battel's biggest crimes here are: 1) Failing to hang up the phone successfully, and 2) Letting the mask slip.

Battel was reportedly fired shortly after her screw-up, but that's quite an extreme reaction. If editors fired every reporter who voiced their distaste for elected officials whose policies they oppose, then there'd be a bunch of job openings in every state Trump won.

The Republic will survive

This isn't the most important election in a generation. This isn't the end of the country. We're not all going to die because of what happens today.

Life will go on. (Except for this lady, who illustrates one of the problems with early voting since she died before election day.)


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