Religious freedom in the mother country

Matthew Hoy
By Matthew Hoy on March 16, 2009

There's a couple of stories out of Great Britain that are demonstrating that the country's Muslim population is not that keen on the whole freedom of religion thing.

The first is a book written by a daughter of a respected, but unnamed, imam in northern England -- and what "Religion of Peace" meant to her when she objected to his incestuous rape of her after 10 years.

The book is called The Imam’s Daughter because “Hannah Shah” is just that: the daughter of an imam in one of the tight-knit Deobandi Muslim Pakistani communities in the north of England. Her father emigrated to this country from rural Pakistan some time in the 1960s and is, apparently, a highly respected local figure.

He is also an incestuous child abuser, repeatedly raping his daughter from the age of five until she was 15, ostensibly as part of her punishment for being “disobedient”. At the age of 16 she fled her family to avoid the forced marriage they had planned for her in Pakistan. A much, much greater affront to “honour” in her family’s eyes, however, was the fact that she then became a Christian – an apostate. The Koran is explicit that apostasy is punishable by death; thus it was that her father the imam led a 40-strong gang – in the middle of a British city – to find and kill her.

Of course, the kicker is that when she finally reported the rape to school officials, they sent a fellow Muslim from that community to "investigate" -- earning "Hannah Shah" the worst beating in her life.

The second story is your standard Muslim thugs attacking a Christian pastor.

A Christian minister who has had heated arguments with Muslims on his TV Gospel show has been brutally attacked by three men who ripped off his cross and warned: ‘If you go back to the studio, we’ll break your legs.’

That's the religion of "peace" for you.


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