March 6, 2009
Climate change update

There's a new paper out that is pouring some cold water on the climate change alarmists. I'll try to explain this in layman's terms, because the science can be difficult even if you do follow it rather closely. Carbon dioxide -- manmade or otherwise -- is a miniscule gas in the atmosphere, even growing as […]

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March 6, 2009
Getting your numbers right

I'm pointing out this article from on the oft-repeated claim that someone declares bankruptcy on on average every 30 seconds due to medical bills. Earlier tonight, columnist Mark Shields repeated the number -- characterizing it as 120 people every hour -- on the NewsHour. Last year, someone filed for bankruptcy roughly every 30 seconds, […]

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March 6, 2009
The New York Times doesn't look half bad

With the market continuing to tank, The New York Times Company doesn't look half bad when compared to most other media companies. E.W. Scripps just closed down the Rocky Mountain News last week. Of course, the hated News Corp. of Rupert Murdoch does a bit better. For those interested, some Rocky staffers have started their […]

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Aside from the "rules are for the Little People" angle, stuff like this really drives home the point that masks are more like an armband on your face, signaling tribal loyalty.

If Breed was actually concerned about Covid, and actually believed masks worked, she wouldn't forget.

Daily Caller@DailyCaller

San Francisco Mayor @LondonBreed defends violating her indoor mask mandate while partying at a club:

“I was feeling the spirit and I wasn’t thinking about a mask."

Fauci should have stopped doing public interviews over a year ago. He's repeatedly done this thing where he pretends (incorrectly) that the science conclusively supports whatever policy position he is advocating for at the time and it leaves a lot of people doubting the science.

Tom Elliott@tomselliott

Updated Fauci flip flops:

— COVID being a big deal
— Social distancing
— Masks (flip-flop-flipped)
— Schools re-opening
— T-cell immunity
— Biden admin “starting from scratch” on vaccines
— His wearing a mask as “theater”
— Covid origins
— Covid booster shots

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