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Matthew Hoy
By Matthew Hoy on November 26, 2006

Whenever some nutjob threatens a Supreme Court justice or some other assorted liberal politician (yes, I've purposefully conflated some judges with political operatives -- because they act that way) the loons on the left lay blame on talk radio or the right-wing blogosphere.

Curiously, these same people are untroubled by the hate and bile from their own quarters.

In the spirit of bipartisan lunacy, I give you this incident in Skowhegan, Maine, where two yutes set off acid bombs in a Wal-Mart.

I blame former Democrat vice presidential hopeful John Edwards for this violence. His demonization of America's largest retailer has encouraged impressionable youths to terrorist acts.

*UPDATE* In the "I can't make this up department": John Edwards is doing a book signing on Monday at the Barnes & Noble in Manchester, N.H. Just a few hundred feet away sits that evil Wal-Mart that Edwards contends pays immorally low wages. According to an editorial in Monday's Union Leader, the starting salary for a worker in the Wal-Mart store which Edwards won't set foot in is $7.50 an hour. The starting salary at the Barnes & Noble is a mere $7 an hour. Check out the Union Leader for more.


The @sdutOpinion Editorial pages used to be fairly mainstream conservative. When I applied for a letters editor opening there in the mid-00s, I was asked if there's an editorial I wouldn't write. I replied: a pro-abortion one. 1/

Supreme Court: “The Second Amendment is not a second class right. States can’t use subjective criteria when issuing carry permits.”
California: “But what if we added in illegal viewpoint discrimination, and violated the First Amendment at the same time?”

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