November 22, 2006
News and opinion

Journalists are supposed to be striving to be objective. In fact, it's that very attribute that they use as a shield against questions about their own political beliefs: "It doesn't matter who I voted for. When I pull out my pen and notepad, I'm an objective journalist, just reporting the facts." Most journalists try really […]

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November 22, 2006
That's about right

I mentioned the Olshansky/Nalen incident earlier this week. Well, the league office has spoken. Olshansky is being fined $10,000 -- $5,000 for each blow to Nalen's thick head. Nalen is being fined $25,000 -- a small price to pay for his try at ending Olshansky's career.

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November 22, 2006
For the record

No. 1 is something I'd definitely prefer to be below average in.

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Transcript of the Hulu 1619 Project segment on Dunmore's Proclamation.

Again, none of this is true. Dunmore issued his order from exile on a ship off of Norfolk. He fled Williamsburg 5 months earlier (with his own slaves in tow) because the revolution was already underway.

I had a ruptured ectopic pregnancy in the state of Tennessee one month ago. At no time was I refused care and at no time was anyone restricted from saving my life, even though my baby did die. This is misinformation that could prevent women from seeking help.

The White House @WhiteHouse

In states where abortion is restricted, doctors live in fear of being thrown in jail for simply doing their job.

Dr. Zahedi-Spung shares her story as we call on Congress to protect reproductive freedom for the people of America.

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