Trusting government?

Matthew Hoy
By Matthew Hoy on January 18, 2012

I wasn’t going to get into the whole SOPA/PIPA debate because you were supposed to change the flag on your Web site and only talk about the possibility of hollywood studios, recording companies and their over-bored lawyers shutting down Web sites without just cause, prior review, an opportunity to plead your case etc.

I’m too lazy to do all of that, so I figured you were getting enough of it at Google and Wikipedia.

Then the corrupt former senator from Countrywide who turned his years of government service into a cushy lobbying job as head of the Motion Picture Association of America, Chris Dodd, opened his trap.

It is an irresponsible response and a disservice to people who rely on them for information and use their services. It is also an abuse of power given the freedoms these companies enjoy in the marketplace today. It’s a dangerous and troubling development when the platforms that serve as gateways to information intentionally skew the facts to incite their users in order to further their corporate interests.

It’s an abuse of power? For people and companies to voice their views on legislation pending before government? An abuse of power? I don’t think that term means what he thinks it means. If I shut down this site tomorrow, not many people would notice, but it would be an “abuse” of my power?

To quote Samuel L. Jackson: “What this situation requires is a whole lot more of you shutting the f— up.”


The pattern among critics of the DeVos regs that powerful political leaders (Biden, Cuomo, now Stringer) deserve the due process that these same figures seek to deny to random college students remains something to behold.

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