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Matthew Hoy
By Matthew Hoy on October 12, 2010

First, we have the Democratic Senate candidate from South Carolina, Alvin Greene.

The only thing funnier than O’Donnell’s ridiculous questions are Greene’s ridiculous answers. You want some evidence the media leans left? Greene has received just a fraction of the attention for his wackiness that Christine O’Donnell has.  

Last week there was a big hubbub over several short videos produced in Great Britain allegedly encouraging kids to cut their carbon dioxide emissions. In the videos, kids who refused were blown up with bits of blood and viscera flying everywhere. The group, known as 10:10, were taken aback by the disgust that people who disagree with them should be blown to smithereens.

The videos were pulled and half-hearted apologies were given.

And then Hitler found out about the videos.

Hitler Learns About the Climate 10:10 Video.

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  1. Did you notice O'Donnell's first question: "Are you a witch?" Do you think he said that to make sure that the "proper" comparison is being made?


In a just world, SB 918 and its New York counterpart would make the Supreme Court* say: "well, we tried to let you keep shall issue, but you morons just couldn't help yourselves, so now constitutional carry is the law of the land".

*Hopefully it doesn't need to go to SCOTUS.

New talking points just dropped in WaPo -- if that's the excuse for the raid, how does the FBI also justify letting Clinton skate when she also had docs "classified at the highest classification level"?

The most dramatic consequences of government intervention occurred in Sri Lanka, where a 2021 fertilizer ban led to a massive reduction in yields, sparking starvation and an economic crisis that brought down the government in July.

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