September 30, 2010
A promise he couldn’t keep

A memo acquired by The Wall Street Journal today revealed that McDonald’s would have to drop the limited health insurance it offers to 30,000 employees because of the rules of Obamacare. While many restaurants don't offer health coverage, McDonald's provides mini-med plans for workers at 10,500 U.S. locations, most of them franchised. A single worker […]

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September 30, 2010
Good for the goose

Guy Benson over at gives jerk Alan Grayson a taste of his own medicine. I look forward to the day when this odious scumbag goes home to his very own MSNBC show.

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September 29, 2010
Congress’ scumbag

Rep. Alan Grayson is a favorite of the MSNBC set. He’s made a name for himself in Congress for basically being little more than an out-of-control attack dog. I made a short tweet criticizing him last week for an ad in which he claimed his GOP opponent was a draft dodger, when in fact, he […]

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September 27, 2010
O’Reilly unhinged

You may remember the four missionaries that were arrested earlier this year outside a Dearborn, Mich., Arab festival in June. Today they were acquitted of “breach of peace.” Or, as the bizarre Detroit Free Press characterized it: “inciting a crowd.” Here’s the video again, can anyone tell me where the crowd is that they are […]

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September 25, 2010
How’s that post-racial thing working out for you?

Friday morning, while most of the media was focused like a laser on a comedian performing like a court jester on Capitol Hill, Christoper Coates was testifying that the Obama Justice Department was refusing to prosecute blacks for crimes against whites. "I had people who told me point-blank that [they] didn't come to the voting […]

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September 25, 2010
So wrong for so long

I’ve mentioned before that I think Moody’s economist Mark Zandi is a snake oil salesman for his “model” that says for every $1 you spend on unemployment insurance you get $1.63 of economic activity. If that’s the case, everyone should go on unemployment. Over at The Big Picture, someone has used a good ol’ Lexis/Nexis […]

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September 24, 2010
Hoystory reads

I just got finished reading the 2-fer of Greg Bear’s sci-fi collection “Darwin’s Radio” and its sequel “Darwin’s Children.” Bear is known as a “hard” sci-fi writer in that his works hew very closely to science as we know it. Bear follows that model here as he spins a story involving viruses, the human genome […]

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September 23, 2010
Lost cause

Paul Ryan attempts to have an adult conversation with intellectual heavyweight Debbie Wasserman Schultz. And fails miserably.

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September 22, 2010
Today’s race-baiting bigot

Loretta Sanchez tells Univision viewers that those pesky Vietnamese are plotting to take her seat from her. Don’t hold your breath waiting for the condemnation from the MSM. If you’re interested, you can contribute to “that Vietnamese” guy’s campaign here.

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September 22, 2010
If Bush had said it...

Any politician, or any person, especially when they're speaking off the cuff, can say stupid ignorant things. Generally, it's not indicative of any larger intellectual issues, unless your last name is Bush. So, here's a bit of historical ignorance from our commander-in-chief and just imagine how the MSM commentariat would portrayed this if Bush had […]

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Transcript of the Hulu 1619 Project segment on Dunmore's Proclamation.

Again, none of this is true. Dunmore issued his order from exile on a ship off of Norfolk. He fled Williamsburg 5 months earlier (with his own slaves in tow) because the revolution was already underway.

I had a ruptured ectopic pregnancy in the state of Tennessee one month ago. At no time was I refused care and at no time was anyone restricted from saving my life, even though my baby did die. This is misinformation that could prevent women from seeking help.

The White House @WhiteHouse

In states where abortion is restricted, doctors live in fear of being thrown in jail for simply doing their job.

Dr. Zahedi-Spung shares her story as we call on Congress to protect reproductive freedom for the people of America.

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