From comedy to farce

Matthew Hoy
By Matthew Hoy on October 7, 2009

Saturday night, “Saturday Night Live” opened with this sketch.

Yes, that’s a comedian, pretending to be President Barack Obama, making jokes.

Yes, that was stating the obvious. Unless you’re CNN, then you decide that these jokes are worthy of a fact-check.

Do you remember CNN “fact-checking” when Tina Fey/Sarah Palin falsely stated (for effect) that she could see Russia from “her front porch?” No, I don’t either.

All of this would be merely amusing, if it weren’t for Twitter, which now has a robust online snark for those who search for the hash tag #CNNFactCheck. A sample from The Wall Street Journal’s James Taranto:

  • @DefiantKembro 'El Nino' is not Spanish for "the Nino" #CNNFactCheck
  • @EnasYorl "Wayne's World" was not really a public access cable show. #CNNfactcheck
  • @ArielAkiva The superfans were not actually having heart attacks. #cnnfactcheck
  • @thecomeback After checking every river in America, we have not been able to find a motivational speaker living in a van. #CNNfactcheck
  • @jeffdobbs: Over half of Saturday Night Live is NOT ON SATURDAY NIGHT for Eastern time zone. Outrage. #CNNFactCheck
  • @jkfecke In fact, Blue Öyster Cult never included a cowbell player named Gene Frenkle--the musician didn't exist. #CNNFactCheck
  • @mikehassinger: This just in: "Toonces the driving cat" not real cat, can't even DRIVE! #CNNFactCheck
  • Other ones that have appeared since Taranto’s post went online:

    • @IronyNow Motivational Speaker Foley's Van Positioned by Creek, Not River #CNNFactCheck
    • @JimmahIceLLC Breaking: Church Lady not actually lady. #CNNFactCheck
    • @IMAO "CNN now reporting that it was not really a large bee and merely Jon Belushi in costume" #CNNFactCheck
    • @vadoug: Jane Curtin was NOT ignorant. #CNNFactcheck

    Heck, she’s probably not a slut either.

    But CNN might want to check that.

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    1. I believe this is the first time SNL has actually taken a shot at Obama. In the past, all Obama-related humor had as its target someone else in Obama's world, such as a pliant press, Biden, idiot Republicans, etc. However, SNL wouldn't go after the ONE. Now that they have his supporters don't like it one bit.


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