Elections have consequences

Matthew Hoy
By Matthew Hoy on November 10, 2008

President-elect Barack Obama's transition team is beginning to eye executive orders that can be overturned and rescinded by Obama's administration.

First up are overturning prohibitions on drilling for oil here in the United States and government funding for the creation of human embryos for the purpose of destroying them.

Don't be surprised when, as the economy begins to turn around, gas prices rise again slowing the recovery. Obama famously said during the campaign that he wasn't troubled by $4 a gallon gasoline, only that he would have preferred we got to that price level slower and later -- apparently sometime after his re-election.

Few would argue that President George W. Bush's decision to lift the executive limitations on domestic drilling, and Congress' failure to extend its own prohibition on the practice, has contributed to the decline in gas prices. The current, sustained, drop in gas prices is easily reversed.

On the issue of stem cells, why would you lift the ban now? I realize it's politically popular with the "pro-science" left, but advances in recent years have made the need to create (and destroy) human embryos to make pluripotent stem cells unnecessary. An Obama move to lift the ban would rightly be seen as little more than sticking a thumb in the eye of pro-lifers just because he can.

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  1. Podesta states that Obama will reverse many of President Bush's executive orders, saying these issues are "not in the best interest of the country." Is it in our "best interest" to allow Obama and his sleazy, liberal illuminatis to prohibit drilling in the U.S., to fund stem cell research, to allow abortion up to nine months and to tax us to death? We had Jimmy Carter, a "do-nothing" President and now we have a President and his cabinet who will "do everything" they can to tear this country apart.


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