It's getting cold

Matthew Hoy
By Matthew Hoy on October 18, 2008

Last summer the global warming alarmists were predicting an ice-free arctic. One environmental activist vowed to kayak to the north pole to highlight the dangerous global warming.

Well, the arctic didn't become ice-free and that poor kayaker had to turn back.

Anthony Watts has been watching the numbers, and after a record-low sea ice coverage in 2007, this year has been cooler, with more ice than last. In the past few weeks, ice has been growing at a near-record rate.

Amid this "good" news, Walt Meier of the National Snow and Ice Data Center deigned to answer skeptics questions and attempted valiantly to defend the anthropogenic global warming case.

All you need to know about the "science" of human-caused global warming is this bit from Meier.

Greenland and northern Europe were clearly warm during the 700-1300 AD; much of the rest of the globe may have been as well. There is often quibbling about whether we’re warmer now than then-the Mann hockey stick plot, etc. But as I pointed out above, such “debate” is almost beside the point: it ignores the elephant in the room that is the GHG emissions produced by humans. We may not clearly know what caused the MWP, but we have a clear cause for the current warming: human-caused GHGs.

Read that closely. Scientists can't explain why it was warmer from 700-1300 AD than it is today, but the warming today is definitely because of humans.

Does that sound like science or religious belief?

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  1. Scientists can’t explain why it was warmer from 700-1300 AD than it is today, but the warming today is definitely because of humans? They couldn't predict it then, but can now? What happened to the Arctic that was supposed to be ice-free? Was that an idiot liberal, left-wing illuminati who volunteered to kayak there and had to turn back? What an embarrassment for that fool!


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