Carly on California's Drought

Matthew Hoy
By Matthew Hoy on August 23, 2015

Newsbusters highlighted some common sense on the part of GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina on NBC News' "Meet the Press" this morning.

Carly on California's Drought
Carly on California's Drought

Host Chuck Todd presented Fiorina with the common, accepted liberal wisdom that climate change is contributing to the drought and wildfires that are plaguing her home state of California.

As Fiorina noted, droughts and wildfires are not uncommon in California history. What's caused the crisis we now find ourselves in is the environmentalists aversion to dams and reservoirs while the state's population has doubled.  If we'd stored more water when it was raining, we might be faring a little better.

In response to this, Todd plays a clip from Gov. Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown which at best is non-responsive to the criticism and at worst is just stupid.

I've never heard of such utter ignorance. Building a dam won't do a damn thing about fires or climate change or the absence of moisture in the ground and vegetation in California. So, I think these people, if they want to run for president, better do eighth grade science before they make any more utterances.

It should be obvious to anyone other than the geriatric liberal retread this state's voters re-elected that having water in reservoirs helps fighting fires. And dams are a necessary ingredient creating the reservoirs to hold water.

Brown isn't implementing water restrictions because of fires, he's implementing them because reservoirs are drying up.

Frankly, California's finite tax dollars would be better spent building a string of desalination plants along the coast than Brown's pet bullet train to nowhere.

Carly's received some criticism for the way she's tackled the climate change question from those on the right who see the global warming/climate change hysteria as merely a pretense for more government regulations and control of the economy. For the general public, I think she's been tackling this issue exactly right: Even if all of the doomsaying is true, by their own admission, the solutions they offer would not prevent warming by a measurable degree.


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