Chelsea's all grown up

Matthew Hoy
By Matthew Hoy on February 11, 2008

As she was growing up in the White House, Chelsea Clinton was, rightly, 99 percent off-limits to probing questions and coverage from the press.

No longer. Chelsea is an adult and she's actively campaigning for her mother. She continues to refuse to answer questions from the press -- even if the reporter in question is younger than Chelsea was when she was first First Daughter.

Today, ABC News broke the story that the Clinton campaign used Chelsea to try to wine and dine a 21-year-old Democrat "superdelegate" to support her mother.

Jason Rae is a typical junior in college.

He spends several hours a day in class at Marquette University in Wisconsin where he is majoring in history and political science. He is closely following the Marquette basketball team and has the Golden Eagles' schedule memorized.

But not many 21-year-olds start their Monday with a personal breakfast with Chelsea Clinton, as Rae did this morning at the student union at the nearby University of Milwaukee.

Rae got the one-on-one treatment from the former — and possibly future — first daughter because he is a Democratic National Committee member from Wisconsin and thus a "super delegate," one of the 796 free agents who can back any candidate in the race for the Democratic nomination.

This incident reminded me of something from the distant past, 1993 to be exact.

That cartoon was used to illustrate an opinion piece by a student journalist at Cal Poly SLO. (It took me a half-hour of digging through boxes to find this.)

A more readable version of the article can be found here. [PDF format]

[One note: Yes, everyone's name is lower-case. Why? Well, the editor of the paper at the time, Peter Hartlaub (now the pop culture critic for the San Francisco Chronicle) took delight in writing opinion pieces that lowercased then-Gov. Pete Wilson's name. I strove for a little bit of balance.]

It's been 15 years since I wrote this, but it still rings true.

For some reaction, check out the comments over at Hot Air.


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