February 8, 2008
Picked up at the book sale

Every couple of months the Union-Tribune's library holds a book sale for charity in order to get rid of some of the plethora of review books they receive. Today, I managed to pick up: I looked for Jonah Goldberg's "Liberal Fascism," but if there was a copy, it was long gone before I got in […]

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February 8, 2008
More on reporters and voting

Here's a couple more articles on reporters and their political leanings, both from Time magazine. Here's one by Lisa Takeuchi Cullen -- a Hillary Clinton voter. Here's the second by James Poniewozik -- a Barack Obama voter. You didn't think either of them would've voted Republican?

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February 8, 2008
I can't make this up

Some supporter of Barack Obama found my post entitled "Barack Obama is Black?" I want to point out "Jose's" comment and note that there are far too many people who "think" like him. He is a good man who is gonna make everyones pay equal(so to speak)…. They don't promise to make everyone's pay equal […]

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When Everytown, Giffords and others describe states like CA, NY, and NJ as having the best gun control laws in the country, but then say those gun laws are still way too weak, they are giving away their endgame. Full bans of most (if not all) of civilian owned firearms. https://twitter.com/MorosKostas/status/1526261684712615937

Konstadinos Moros@MorosKostas

Stronger gun laws? Bro this is what the organization you fund says about New York. https://twitter.com/MikeBloomberg/status/1525855697606520834

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