I'd love to see the tape

Matthew Hoy
By Matthew Hoy on September 7, 2007

Over at Patterico's place, contributor WLS relays some anecdotes about former President Jimmy Carter contained in longtime journalist Robert Novak's latest book. Turns out *surprise* that Carter has some trouble with the truth.

But, Novak in his memoirs goes back to some of the earliest columns he wrote about Carter, one in the December 1975 before Carter shocked the Dem. establishment by winning in Iowa — and recalls how he pointed out with stark clarity the fact that the future President was a LIAR. His column pointed out 9 specific lies told by Carter in a couple of different forums, all of which he was able to fact check before reporting them.

Novak recalls one of Carter’s first appearances on Face the Nation in December, 1975. Carter was asked about the pending campaign finance legislation that would, for the first time, limit contributions to candidates. Carter responded by saying he was in favor of the legislation, and as a long-time member of Common Cause he had played a role in the formulation of the ideas behind the legislation. Novak had reported on campaign finance issues for several years, and had never before heard Carter’s name — he didn’t even know who Carter was until he announced his presidential bid.

He checked with Common Cause and found that Rossalyn Carter had joined the organization, but not Jimmy Carter. Further, no one connected to the pending legislation could remember Jimmy Carter being involved in any fashion.

There's more, but it turns out that Novak's reporting got him disinvited from ever appearing on "Face the Nation" again. That's a videotape I'd love to see.


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