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Matthew Hoy
By Matthew Hoy on January 17, 2012

I must confess that I wasn't going to touch the topic of this week's ridiculous Newsweek cover story by the world's most famous gay man to be obsessed with Sarah Palin's vagina.

I also wasn't too interested in the predictable "racism" debate that would spring up when some compared the picture of President Barack Obama to a beleaguered Jimmy Carter and "liver lips" became a racist slur.

What did interest me was this roundup of reactions from

The latest edition of Newsweek features the face of a pensive President Barack Obama along with the provocative headline: “Why are Obama’s critics so dumb?” — and that’s hit a little too close to home for conservative bloggers. [emphasis added]

Really? We're angry because we're dumb? And this was a news article?

I expect this sort of insulting slurs from Newsweek which some time ago (I think it was before it was sold for 1$) decided to jettison all pretense of journalistic objectivity and go full lefty. But I was under the impression that Politico was still carrying on the farce.

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  1. But I was under the impression that Politico was still carrying on the farce.

    Based on which even-handed article from them?


SEN. LANKFORD: "Can you help me get a good definition of 'birthing people?'"

BECERRA: "We're trying to be precise in the language that's used."

SEN. LANKFORD: "Mom is a pretty good word. That's worked for a while."

Ummm...who elected her? Is there something wrong with the guy we did elect? What do we pay the FLOTUS? A "United States government official"?

Jill Biden@FLOTUS

Prepping for the G7.

One of the most frightening articles I've ever read.

So, @SLOTribune columnist and local Democratic party apparatchik Tom Fulks was on local radio last night and told listeners that the difference between the Democratic and Republican parties is that the Democratic Party wants to help people and the GOP wants to hurt people 1/

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