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Matthew Hoy
By Matthew Hoy on May 26, 2007

I've already told you I don't watch much in the way of network TV. This past week the two network shows I do watch, "Veronica Mars" and "Heroes," came to an end. If you watch either of these shows and haven't seen the final episodes yet on your TiVo, then skip the rest of this post.

First, "Heroes" ended Monday night with more of a whimper than a bang. We'd been geared up all season for a showdown between the head-slicing bad guy Sylar and the superpower sponge Peter Petrelli. The final confrontation was anything but exciting. Peter gets caught immediately in a telekinetic choke hold. Officer Matt Parkman decides to fire four bullets at Sylar -- knowing what he can do -- and ends up getting the four bullets shot right back into him because Sylar has telekinetic powers.

After showing clips of time-space traveling Hiro practicing swordplay with his father. Hiro takes his sword and runs Sylar through -- with zero grace and skill. The kicker is, that Hiro apparently misses Sylar's heart.

The only semi-surprise was Nathan Petrelli's decision to show up and fly his atomic bomb of a brother out of New York before he could blow.

Now for some predictions:

  • Peter Petrelli is alive. Whenever Ted (the guy he got the nuke power from) used his power, it never affected him, only the people around him.
  • Sylar is alive. This is the real cheap shot for this series. I understand wanting to keep his character on, but this was such a cheap plot device. You've already set up next season's even-worse-than-the-boogeyman bad guy, Sylar doesn't need to remain a going concern.
  • Nathan Petrelli may still be alive. You've seen how fast he can fly. There's no reason that he couldn't have flown Peter out over the Atlantic and tossed him before flying away from his nuclear explosion.
  • Parkman doesn't die, but he should because his character the last couple of episodes has been so stupid. He keeps on insisting going after Sylar when everyone -- including himself -- knows that he doesn't have a prayer against him.

I'll watch next season, but this was a below average season finale. The alternate-future episode "Five Years Gone" was the best of the season. The final two episodes just weren't as good.

Veronica Mars, on the other hand, "WOW"! The final episode, "The B*tch is Back," was great. Jaw-droppingly great. It's a season finale, not a series finale, so everything isn't wrapped up in neat little packages. There are loose ends and promises of plot developments that are never going to happen because CW canceled the show.

However, having said that, it was a great episode. Veronica goes into full sass mode and you're on the edge of your seat for the whole episode. It's writing like that in this last episode which shows you why Veronica was a favorite with the critics.

"Veronica Mars" RIP.

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  1. Never got into these two shows.

    Check out: 24 and Jericho.

    Jericho was a real surprise show -- the script, acting, and character development are simply phenomenal.

    24 is always a good watch.

    Great blog, BTW.


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