May 23, 2007
Cleaning House

Update below. President Bill Clinton swept into office promising to have the most honest and ethical administration in history. By whatever your measure, he fell far short. Likewise, Democrats took control of the House in January for the first time in a dozen years full of promises to be fair and just -- unlike their […]

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May 23, 2007
Free speech on campus

Over at the Volokh Conspiracy, Eugene Volokh notes a decision by a California State Appeals Court upholding the free speech rights of a student newspaper at Novato High School. A trial court judge originally ruled that speech "likely to cause a violent reaction" was not protected free speech. The trial court judge was essentially enshrining […]

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It is now an inevitability that whatever the story, however complex its details, members of the American press will react by announcing who must be forbidden to speak going forward.

Rep.-elect John James (MI) and Rep.-elect Wesley Hunt (TX) are close friends and are first two Black graduates of West Point to enter Congress. They are even from the same class! Both Republicans. No surprise there have been almost zero national media profiles of either or both.

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