May 11, 2007
Today's required reading

Democrats want the CIA to spend resources on global warming Richard Perle takes on George Tenet and the CIA Nancy Pelosi's buddy jails a human rights activist

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May 11, 2007
Mike Wallace thinks he's working for MTV

CBS News' Mike Wallace interviewed former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney for this Sunday's "60 Minutes" episode. The interview apparently included this question: Romney's wife, Ann, who converted to the Mormon Church before they were married, is also interviewed. When asked whether they broke the strict church rule against premarital sex, Romney says, "No, I'm sorry, […]

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It is now an inevitability that whatever the story, however complex its details, members of the American press will react by announcing who must be forbidden to speak going forward.

Rep.-elect John James (MI) and Rep.-elect Wesley Hunt (TX) are close friends and are first two Black graduates of West Point to enter Congress. They are even from the same class! Both Republicans. No surprise there have been almost zero national media profiles of either or both.

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