May 29, 2007
Some people call it summer

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi honored the sacrifice of American men and women who have given their last full measure of devotion by going to Greenland and Germany. Pelosi, a San Francisco Democrat unfamiliar with glaciers, has determined that global warming is real. The California Democrat pointed to her delegation's weekend stop in Greenland, "where we […]

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May 29, 2007
Please don't read this story

I think I feel sorry for Carla Rivera and Andrew Blankstein. Blankstein and Rivera wrote this story in the Los Angeles Times last week. Why do I feel sorry for Blankstein and Rivera? Because it so ably demonstrates the talent they have in the stable there at the Times that they were able to take […]

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Why, one must ask, was the suit against Biden's student debt wipe “inevitable”?

Was it because the Biden admin is in flagrant violation of the law, and because *everyone* in America knows it?

Not in Waldman’s view, apparently. | @charlescwcooke

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