May 5, 2007
Dumbest article ever

I realize that the headline sets a high bar, but this one will be hard to top. Ronald Reagan became president even though he worked with chimps in B movies. Arnold Schwarzenegger played a murderous robot, and that didn't keep him from becoming governor. So can "Law & Order" actor and former Sen. Fred Thompson […]

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May 5, 2007
Religion of misogyny

It shouldn't be shocking, but it is. American soldiers discovered a girls school being built north of Baghdad had become an explosives-rigged "death trap," the U.S. military said Thursday. The plot at the Huda Girls' school in Tarmiya was a "sophisticated and premeditated attempt to inflict massive casualties on our most innocent victims," military spokesman […]

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May 5, 2007
If it's new to you...

That doesn't necessarily mean that it is new. It seems every time someone from the mainstream media reads a church newsletter (they don't tend to actually attend the service) and finds a reference to something they didn't know *boom* it's news. Today's illustrative case is this piece by ABC News' Bill Redeker. The evangelical movement […]

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To be clear, it's still a 1A violation even as they supposedly intended it. But their rush to pass it made it encompass all sorts of stuff.

The judge should not take them at their word that they will "fix" it. The judge should issue the preliminary injunction we requested.

16-year-old Lola Fitzgerald has been racking up skeet shooting championships in and out of her home state. Now a new California law has shut her out of the sport and is threatening her Olympic hopes.

In a just world, SB 918 and its New York counterpart would make the Supreme Court* say: "well, we tried to let you keep shall issue, but you morons just couldn't help yourselves, so now constitutional carry is the law of the land".

*Hopefully it doesn't need to go to SCOTUS.

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