Democrats and Voting Rights

Matthew Hoy
By Matthew Hoy on February 19, 2019

I received the email pictured above on Sunday from the DNC. I'm on their mailing list so I can see what they're all riled up about on any particular day. Sunday was Rep. John Lewis and voting rights.

Can you identify the problem?

Yep, he thinks "every person in this country has the right to register and vote."

When one of the most popular topics in the news is President Donald Trump's national emergency declaration on the border wall and wave after wave of illegal immigrants showing up, you'd think Democrats would be more careful with their wording.

And it's not like this is an issue. The New York Times from last August:

WASHINGTON — Nineteen foreign nationals ranging from age 26 to 71 have been charged with illegally voting in the November 2016 election in North Carolina, the Justice Department said Friday. Nine of the 19 were also charged with falsely claiming American citizenship to get on voter rolls.

A 20th man, whose nationality was not identified, was charged with helping one of the foreigners falsely claim citizenship.

The charges, listed in grand jury indictments issued last month, target citizens of 14 nations, including Japan, Germany, Mexico and Korea. At least nine of them lived in the United States as legal permanent residents.

In fairness, the email's last paragraph before the perfunctory request for a donation includes "The DNC is leading the way on defending every eligible voter's right to cast a ballot...." However, if the Democratic Party really doesn't want to be seen as the party of vote-early, vote-often, then maybe a little better editing would help.

Voting rights is something both parties support—for citizens. It's the Democrats who want those here illegally to have a say as well.


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