The U.S. Embassy opens in Jerusalem

Matthew Hoy
By Matthew Hoy on May 15, 2018

For more than 20 years, U.S. presidents have put off moving the U.S. Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem as directed by overwhelming majorities in Congress in the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995. Yesterday, the United States finally made it official.

I've said before that I would praise President Donald Trump when he got something right and chastise him when he got something wrong. For this, he deserves nothing but praise.

For decades, presidents of both parties have used an option in the law to waive the requirements of moving the embassy to Jerusalem if it was in the "national security interests" of the United States. Operating under the mistaken assumption that moving the embassy would somehow make Middle East peace tougher to achieve, presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama dutifully signed the waiver every six months.

Unwittingly or not, what the Trump administration finally acknowledged was that the embassy move has nothing to do with eventually bringing peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

The Middle East Peace Project is, and has long been, a joke

In 1993 the Israelis and the Palestine Liberation Organization signed the Oslo Accords, an outline for an eventual peace between the Palestinians on the West Bank and Gaza Strip and the state of Israel. It won the principals a Nobel Peace Prize.

It didn't work. It won't work.

Why? Because the Palestinians continue to operate a culture where peace with Israel is impossible. From the indispensable Middle East Media Research Institute:

Abbas Meets 14-Year-Old Who Attempted To Stab Civilians

Children March With Mock RPG Rockets, Suicide Belts In Fatah Day Parade

Girl Scouts Participate In Fatah Ceremony In Memory Of Female Terrorist Dalal Al-Mughrabi

PA Press Glorifies High School Students Who Died While Carrying Out Stabbing Attacks

PA Education Minister Attends Rally Of Solidarity With 13-Year-Old 'Hero' Ahmad Manasra, Who Stabbed A Boy In Jerusalem

Elementary School Students In Hebron Observe Moment Of Silence In Memory Of 18-Year-Old Stabber

In Palestinian Textbooks, Narrative Of Return "Under The Banner Of Glory, Jihad And Struggle"

Host On PA TV Children’s Show: "I Am Certain That Jaffa... Haifa, Acre, Nazareth, And All The Palestinian Cities Occupied In 1948 Will Return To Us One Day"

And that's from the PLO-governed West Bank—Israel's reputed peace partner. In the Gaza Strip, where the terrorist organization Hamas rules, it is even worse.

Our Amoral Media

How much of the U.S. news media's reaction to the U.S. Embassy move is a result of Trump Derangement Syndrome and how much is latent anti-Semitism is difficult to determine. Frankly there is little doubt that both contributed to this bit of vile bile from the New York Daily News.

US Embassy Jerusalem

For the record, if I'd have been directed to create this cover as a page designer, I'd have resigned before doing it.

And it's amazing at who some of those "slaughtered" innocents have turned out to be.

I'm sorry, but to characterize the Israeli response to terror attacks on their border as though they're spontaneous protests by "unarmed" protesters only ever happens when its one of Israel's borders with the Palestinians. If Mexicans were throwing Molotov cocktails, rolling burning tires, and attempting to breach the border near San Diego with the express purpose of infiltrating the U.S. and kill civilians, then they'd be lucky if the Marines at Camp Pendleton only killed 55 of them.

U.S. Embassy is where it belongs

The U.S. Embassy is where it belongs, in the capital city of Israel. These feeble terror attacks, sold as protests, will not change the facts on the ground as they have been since Israel's creation in 1948. The U.S. Embassy's presence in Jerusalem, as opposed to Tel Aviv, has no substantive impact on when peace finally comes to the Middle East.

A real peace will be had when Palestinians finally come to grips with the reality that Israel is here to stay.


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