Donald Trump's First 100 Days

Matthew Hoy
By Matthew Hoy on April 26, 2017

Yesterday I went on the Dave Congalton show on 920 KVEC to discuss Donald Trump's First 100 Days in office. As is the usual, I always enjoy talking with Dave and often the callers give me good reason to laugh—sometimes in agreement and sometimes…well, you know.

If you're interested, you can listen to the show here.

As I mentioned on-air, I did a little homework on Trumps first 100 days accomplishments and I thought this would be a good place to share my complete list with you. Note that not everything on this list was mentioned on-air.

The Good:

  • Justice Neil Gorsuch
  • MOAB on ISIS in Afghanistan
  • Tomahawk strikes on Syria (for using chemical weapons)
  • Putting North Korea/China on notice
  • Repealing Obama rule re: using Social Security to deny gun rights without due process
  • Not attending the WH correspondent's dinner…and then scheduling a rally at the same time so some of those reporters cannot attend.
  • 2-for-1 regulations—2 regulations removed for every new one proposed.
  • Allowing states to defund Planned Parenthood

The Bad:

  • Poorly written initial executive order on so-called "Muslim Immigration Ban"
  • Failure to repeal/replace Obamacare
  • Slow pace of executive branch appointments and filling judicial vacancies
  • Canceling the Trans-Pacific Partnership
  • NATO flip-flop (obsolete)
  • Nepotism advisors (Jared Kushner, lifelong Democrat)

The Ugly

  • Twitter
  • Inauguration Crowd Size kerfuffle
  • Millions of illegal votes claim
  • Media behavior/Fake News
  • Armenian genocide flip-flop

The First 100 Days in total

Unexpectedly, for the vast majority of those in the media and on the political left (but I repeat myself), the Republic still stands. We have survived the first 100 days of President Donald Trump. I suspect we'll survive the second 100 days as well.

The system the Founders put in place is strong enough and resilient enough to survive even a president this unorthodox.

Trump has made mistakes. He'll make more. Just like every president before him.


Taped The Argument earlier today, fumbled through some closing remarks; this from @michaelbd is the more eloquent version of what I tried to say:

For some amount of time today, the CA DOJ's new data website leaked name and addresses of people with CCW permits.

Someone PM'd me with video evidence of it (can't share to protect confidential info).

Here is a reddit thread with discussion.

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