Media Bias, Part Eleventy-Billion

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On Twitter yesterday, Sarah Quinlan posted a couple of pictures to some tweets from the supposedly non-partisan Associated Press. Instead we are provided with yet another example of subtle media bias.

Unfortunately, like just about every other mainstream media publication, the Associated Press is staffed by journalists who are overwhelmingly liberal, hence this tweet:

Doesn’t sound good. But hey, it’s bipartisan, right? After all, it’s the whole Senate and not just a single party, right?

A short time later, we get a little more information:

So, Democrats are to blame, but why is the picture included a bunch of Republicans? Interestingly, the complete report tells us that a dozen conservative Republicans are also currently opposing the bill, but even with a unified GOP, it wouldn’t be sufficient to overcome the Democrats’ obstructionism.

We’ll see how this plays out in the media coverage over the next couple of days, but if you’d like an idea of how government shutdowns are typically reported, there’s this:

Media Bias

An Illustrated History of Associated Press government shutdown tweets.

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