Donald Trump, Republican

Matthew Hoy
By Matthew Hoy on July 22, 2016

The Republican Party this week handed its presidential nomination to Donald Trump.

Let me put this as succinctly as I can: If Trump represents the Republican Party, then that's not a party I can be part of.

Donald Trump, Republican
My new voter registration.

You can read more about my reasons and what I think of the GOP in my San Luis Obispo Tribune column here on Sunday.

One comment on “Donald Trump, Republican”

  1. Unfortunately, if enough Republicans are like you, Hillary will be President. In 1992 about 18% of voters went for Ross Perot, delivering the Presidency to Bill Clinton. Clinton went on to lay the groundwork for the Great Recession. He first opened a Pandora's box by pushing banks to make subprime loans. Next, he and Greenspan repealed laws like Glass-Steagle, which had protected us since the Great Depression. It took Clinton's actions about a decade to implode the entire world financial system. With no Glass-Steagle, the banks packaged up the bad loans around the world.

    I don't expect you to believe me, so please take just one hour of your time and watch an old PBS show from Frontline, called "The Warning" which you can find on YouTube.

    Our Country has been strangled by Wall Street and the big corporations since Clinton. The big money is flowing to Clinton, who won't even release the texts of her speaches to Wall Street, nor the Clinton Foundation records. She is against making Glass-Steagle law again.

    I won't even approach the Clinton's dishonesty and lack of ability to tell the truth.

    We had two real chances for change. We are now finding out how hard the Democratic National Committee worked to stop the will of the people, namely Bernie Sanders.

    Donald Trump used his own money to get the nomination. He is now promising to improve the life of the people who are not "big money". Lining up against Trump is not only the big money, but media too. Facebook and Twitter have kept conservative news off their sites, and watching CNN during the RNC has convinced me that they are against him too.

    Your current way of thinking is a vote for the status quo and the very rich. Trump does not owe them, and they know it. He just may put America first. They have already purchased Hillary.

    The average American may still push through the immense forces lining up against Donald Trump. It would be a rotten shame if they don't, and the country continues to deteriorate, while the rich get richer, and the poor and middle classes lack opportunity because the corporations don't have to pay taxes here or invest here.


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