Obama's Faith Pt. 2

Matthew Hoy
By Matthew Hoy on February 25, 2015

The original "Obama's Faith" post I wrote nearly 7 years ago. At the time I noted that I am always hesitant to opine on the state of another individual's relationship with God, but a lot of time has passed, truths have been revealed and while I will not pronounce judgment on the status of Obama's immortal soul, there exists plenty of reason to doubt that Obama is a faithful Christian.

I don't think Obama is a "secret Muslim." If I were to hazard a guess, I'd put money on atheist/agnostic.

Obama is, first and foremost, a political animal. I think Obama says whatever benefits him politically moment-to-moment. His only bedrock principle is winning his next election.

If you look back at the two quotes I focus on in the original Obama's faith post, you'll note that both his responses are a little odd from a theological standpoint. Jesus Christ isn't his Lord and Savior, he's a teacher, a "bridge" between Man and God that allows us to reach something higher. Sin isn't a transgression against God, it's being out of alignment with Obama's own values. (If this is the definition, I'm in real trouble.)

I've never heard a Christian answer those questions that way. They're very detached, analytical, not to mention wrong. I realize he attended Jeremiah Wright's church, but surely, even there, you'd think he would've gleaned a better theological grounding.

The New York Times' resident conservative Ross Douthat has an interesting post on the recent brouhaha on Obama's faith, prompted by reporters asking irrelevant questions to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, a prospective GOP presidential contender in 2016. Douthat goes into the politics of the question and the best way for Republicans to answer it, and I won't really dispute much of it because he's probably right—because it's required of a left-wing, Democrat-protecting media.

I was my interest was more piqued by a comment on the Douthat post from a(n apparently) liberal Christian who is sure Obama is a Christian because of his "fruits."  Liberal policy preferences are obviously the only fruits that matter to people like the commenter, but I though of other fruits.

I don't know whether or not I'll see Barack Obama in  heaven. But judging him by his fruits provides plenty of reason for one to be skeptical.


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