January 31, 2012
Obama’s war on religion and conscience

President Obama and his administration haven’t been particularly understanding of religious beliefs—especially if they are in any way Christian and depart from any tenet of modern-day liberalism. The first evidence of this was the case of Hosanna-Tabor Evangelical Lutheran Church and School v. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The case involved a private school teacher whom […]

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January 27, 2012
The ignorance of our political and journalistic classes

This should be basic economics, but apparently it isn't. From a Politico article on the White House's curious reticence to outline how much additional money the so-called Buffet Rule would bring in to federal coffers: But in a cash-strapped government, policymakers may have little choice but to embrace the advice of bank robber Willie Sutton […]

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January 19, 2012
Worst President evah!

When I think about President Obama’s decision not to issue a permit for the Keystone XL pipeline that would’ve created thousands (or tens of thousands) of jobs and ensured a low-cost source of energy from a staunch ally, I think that I must be dumb. The media has been telling us for years how brilliant […]

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January 18, 2012
Trusting government?

I wasn’t going to get into the whole SOPA/PIPA debate because you were supposed to change the flag on your Web site and only talk about the possibility of hollywood studios, recording companies and their over-bored lawyers shutting down Web sites without just cause, prior review, an opportunity to plead your case etc. I’m too […]

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January 17, 2012
Your liberal media

I must confess that I wasn't going to touch the topic of this week's ridiculous Newsweek cover story by the world's most famous gay man to be obsessed with Sarah Palin's vagina. I also wasn't too interested in the predictable "racism" debate that would spring up when some compared the picture of President Barack Obama […]

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January 16, 2012
Obliviousness raised to an art form

When last I thought of Providence Journal columnist and National Council of Editorial Writers Civility Project head Froma Harrop, it was last summer and my opinion of her sincerity, self-awareness, civility and was that she was an odious individual who should be drummed out of polite society, but she’s lucky enough to work at a […]

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January 11, 2012
Bad journalism

I was unaware of this CNN segment because I don’t get up that early in the morning—or stay awake that late on the West Coast. Jon Stewart explains: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,The Daily Show on Facebook I can’t wait until someone they awaken […]

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January 11, 2012
That was then…

For some reason, law professors tend to be a little more respected than their gun-for-hire brethren who will argue any position if the money is right. Harvard law professor Lawrence Tribe is a liberal, but he’s also a respected legal theorist. And like your average run of the mill lawyer, he can be bought. In […]

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January 7, 2012
Whose values?

The response to President Obama's unconstitutional appointment of Richard Cordray to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and three individuals to the National Labor Relations Board has been predictable and disappointing. Politico.com's Arena is a helpful account of the justifications of those on the political left for the act which seems to be little more […]

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January 4, 2012
Our stupid governor

Don’t bother him with facts or figures. In a scathing critique that could further jeopardize political support for California's proposed $98.5-billion bullet train, a key independent review panel is recommending that state officials postpone borrowing billions of dollars to start building the first section of track this year. Gov. Jerry Brown has said he will […]

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