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By Matthew Hoy on November 21, 2011

The so-called supercommittee went bust this afternoon. Here in the blogosphere we have a term we use for occurrences such as this: predictable.

The group of 12 politicians, six from each house of Congress and six from each political party, accomplished absolutely nothing—which is what Washington, D.C. does best.

Also predictable: I will pin all of the blame for this on the Democrats.

Why? Because they deserve it.

President Obama was noticeably absent during the entire negotiation period—we call this “leading from the ditch that is the U.S. economy while sucking on a Slurpee.” Can anyone point me to the President’s plan to cut $1.2 trillion over 10 years? $1.2 trillion that is only one-eighth of the projected deficit over that time period.

And then there’s the Democrats on the committee. Have you seen a report on their proposal? No, because there hasn’t been one. They challenged the Republicans to make them an offer—and the GOP did. Sen. Pat Toomey proposed a plan that would’ve increased revenues by eliminating loopholes while at the same time lowering rates—at least one Democrat member of the committee is too stupid to understand that that would’ve meant more money coming in.

The only reports I could find on the Democrat’s plan was that they were demanding $1 trillion in new taxes. That would’ve meant a meager $200 billion in cuts to an incredibly bloated federal government to be specified later. That’s 5-1 new taxes vs. spending reduction. The president’s own (ignored) Bowles-Simpson commission (my are those initials weirdly prescient) suggested $3 in spending cuts for every $1 in new taxes.

President Obama and the Democrats wanted a failure, and they got one. President Obama wants to run against a do-nothing Congress. He can do that, but the problem is there’s only one branch of Congress that has done nothing—including failing to pass a budget for over 2 years—and that’s the one controlled by President Obama’s minions.

This will not end well.

Speaking of hypocrites who want higher taxes, but only want to drop a little bit on the leaderboard that is their own bank accounts if everyone else takes a hit too. This video is from last week:


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