Random thoughts on the GOP field

Matthew Hoy
By Matthew Hoy on May 15, 2011

Mitt Romney gave a speech last week defending Romneycare, which was Massachusetts version of Obamacare. Romney’s arguments as to why his statewide healthcare plan was a good idea and Obama’s national healthcare plan is not are nonsensical. Romney’s belief that his healthcare plan worked for the state of Massachusetts is proven false by the facts.

Some of the punditocracy has suggested that Romney must defend his healthcare plan because he’s already got too many convenient flip-flops on his record (abortion, gun control, etc.) and disavowing his own healthcare reform plan would be one too many. That may be. I supported Romney in 2008, but I can’t support him this time around—and I suspect that many of the GOP primary voters that thought he was the best candidate in 2008 will agree. President Obama’s partisan healthcare reform plan will be one of the big issues in the next election cycle—especially as it can be connected to our soaring debt problems and anemic economic recovery—and every GOP candidate is able to make that case…except Mitt Romney.

Ron Paul announced his intention to run for president again, the same week that he suggested that we should’ve asked the Pakistanis nicely if they would knock on the door of bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan and ask the notorious terrorist nicely to come out. Paul has absolutely no chance of winning the GOP nomination.

Mike Huckabee said he’s not going to run. Good.

Newt Gingrich managed to announce multiple times that he was entering the race for the GOP nomination with an announcement on Monday that he would make the announcement Wednesday. Newt also has no chance to win the GOP nomination. The nominee has to be able to appeal to independents in the middle, Gingrich has far too much baggage. Plus, Gingrich can’t even keep his positions straight this early in the campaign.

It won’t happen, but I concur with Andrew Breitbart that a GOP ticket of Herman Cain and Allen West would cause the mainstream media’s collective heads to explode. I like Cain, but the FairTax won’t work, if he weren’t so wedded to it, I could easily see myself voting for the guy.

Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty is a viable candidate. Boring. But viable.

Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels has some issues, but I think he becomes the clear frontrunner should he enter.

Why have I not mentioned Donald Trump? Because I’m only talking about Republicans here.

Sarah Palin? She shouldn’t run. If she does, she won’t win. I like her personally and I probably agree with her politically on the vast majority of subjects, but she just can’t win. You think the media has been unfair to her thus far? Just wait for what happens should she run.

Rick Santorum? He got trounced in his race for re-election for his senate seat. There’s no evidence that he could win Pennsylvania as a presidential candidate.

If I’ve left anyone off it’s because they’ve less than no chance to win, aren’t particularly intriguing and a waste of everyone’s time.


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