Jobs Americans won’t do

Matthew Hoy
By Matthew Hoy on October 5, 2010

Just a quick recitation of the facts of the Meg Whitman “housekeeper scandal.”

  • The housekeeper committed multiple crimes in presenting false documents to Meg Whitman to verify her employment.
  • When the housekeeper told Whitman she was in the U.S. illegally, Whitman fired her – as required by law.
  • Whitman did not report her to immigration authorities – which isn’t required by law.

Things that the media isn’t focusing on:

  • Whitman was paying her housekeeper $23 an hour. Is this a job Americans won’t do? Where is the outrage over this woman depriving an American – or other legal immigrant – of a high-paying job?
  • Little mention has been made of the other potential victim in this – whose Social Security number was the housekeeper using? What effect has the misuse of that number had on the rightful holder of that number? Has their credit been affected? Have they had to spend hours upon hours trying to set things right?
  • Why hasn’t the state bar taken action against Gloria Allred? Allred’s admissions that her client has committed crimes and the public way in which she has drawn attention to her client’s status as an illegal alien can in no way be considered putting the interests of her clients first.

Politically, this probably hurts Whitman, simply because most voters can’t be bothered to know or consider the above facts.


Just moments after I made this post live, my spam queue caught a post origination from Palomar College in San Marcos attacking Whitman. It’s clear from the length of the post and the numerous links that the Jerry Brown acolyte is using Google searches to post his astroturfed comment. Newspapers don’t (intentionally) publish them, and neither will I.

Try again using something in your own words.


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