July 9, 2009
From the bookshelf

Being unemployed at least gives me the opportunity to catch up on my reading and let me start out by saying that I wholeheartedly endorse each of these books. Let's start with the candy -- Dean Koontz's "The Husband." I'm usually a pretty streaky Koontz fan. I'll read a few of his books in rapid […]

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July 9, 2009
Honduras and the Obama administration

Here's an excellent video of GOP Sen. Jim DeMint grilling an Obama administration nominee on the position the U.S. has taken vis a vis Honduras. The Obama administration appears to believe that the Honduran constitution requires some sort of trial to remove a president who has violated his oath of office. That's certainly true here […]

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July 9, 2009
Fun with James Goldsborough

Former Union-Tribune columnist James Goldsborough now writes occasionally for the non-profit VoiceofSanDiego.org, but his rhetoric and fact-checking abilities (or lack thereof) haven't changed. As U.S. combat troops finished their withdrawal from Iraqi cities last month, the U.S. war in Iraq began its endgame, reminding us of the endgame in Vietnam, which ended the war for […]

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July 9, 2009
Absolute moral depravity pt. 2

The Alternet article on the "abortion party" I referenced a couple of days ago has been picked up by some on the the "pro-choice" side who are getting the vapors (ohh! Sexist comment) that anyone could be so offended by the shindig. The Broadsheet, apparently a "The View"-type group blog on Salon.com (which doesn't drive […]

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